How the Establishment Lost Control - Chris Nineham

How the Establishment Lost Control - Chris Nineham

The post-war consensus is breaking up. The general election result, the 2014 Scottish referendum and the Brexit vote all testify to an insurgent mood amongst swathes of the population. This book attempts to explain these dramatic developments and to show how they question received notions about politics, history and how change happens.

'A perceptive history of post-war Britain and the effects of neoliberalism. Essential reading for anybody wishing to understand the state we’re in.' ~ Brian Eno

'This is a book to cheer you up. The game’s afoot. Can we bring together all who resist to make a real change? Chris Nineham argues for that possibility.' ~ Ken Loach

'An antidote to the neoliberal fixation of British mainstream discourse. A must read for the informed citizen.' ~ Francesca Martinez

'A highly readable account of how the British establishment have lost the plot. It reveals that they know they have, but they would rather you didn’t read it here.' ~ Danny Dorling

'The sub-text of this book is 'Against Pessimism'. Chris Nineham gives us a guide to the fractures and fault-lines in the establishment and how the Left can make the most of these weaknesses.' ~ Mike Rosen

'A clear guide as to how the elite got us into this mess and why it can’t get us out of it again, it will stimulate debate as to how the left should respond.' ~ Andrew Murray