Marx for Today

Marx for Today

In these times of crisis and turmoil, Karl Marx's revolutionary ideas seem more relevant than ever. Inequality is rising, the top 1% own half of all wealth and climate change threatens the lives of millions. But millions are rising up for change. Whether you've read none of Marx's works, or all of them, this is an essential summary of the foundations of Marx’s thought. It’s guaranteed to help you clarify your ideas about the world and how to change it.

Praise for Marx for Today:

'Marx will always be relevant; and this well-written, accessible guide is indispensable in demonstrating that we need his ideas as much today as then.'

Louise Raw, labour historian and commentator, author of Striking a Light: The Bryant and May Matchwomen and their place in history.

'An effectively concise primer on Marx as thinker, doer and man - and a powerful case for his ism.'

David Edgar, playwright and author, President of the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain

'This is a wonderfully fresh and compact introduction to Marx’s thought. It highlights key passages in his life, illuminates his most significant concepts, and explains their relationship to Marx’s revolutionary ideals. A must read for anyone approaching Marx for the first time, and a refreshing review for those already familiar with conventional presentations of Karl Marx’s work.'

Alfredo Saad-Filho, Professor of Political Economy at SOAS, author of Marx's Capital (with Ben Fine) and Anti-Capitalism: A Marxist Introduction