Pétroleuse - Steph Pike

Pétroleuse - Steph Pike

Challenging oppression with objectivity and prejudice with passion, feminist activist and poet Steph Pike confronts the politics of social, economic and gender inequality with a viscerally charged and indisputable truth.

Includes a Foreword by Rosie Garland.

"Steph Pike is indeed a pétroleuse of furious, exquisite, necessary language: setting fires of declamation for those stripped of their voice and unmasking patriarchy's creeping dystopian gaze by poking it eloquently in the eye." - Lucy Lepchani, poet, writer & educator

"Seawater floods the city streets, petrol and sweat scent the air. This is salty back-pocket semaphore, full of fury and love, for all those in need of hope." - Michelle Green, author of Jebel Marra [Comma Press]

"Steph Pike's poems are like that one person at the party you know you can have a real conversation with." - Helen Mort, Derbyshire Poet Laureate

"An invitation to the voiceless to know they, too, can speak." - Rebecca Bilkau, Beautiful Dragons Press