The British State: A Warning - Chris Nineham

The British State: A Warning - Chris Nineham

What happens if a radical government gets elected in Britain? How will the banks, the civil servants, the media and the military react? Is the idea of a British coup far-fetched? How can the left prepare? Chris Nineham looks behind the myths at the reality of two hundred years of British state rule and brings us a warning from history.

Praise for The British State:

“This gripping, fast-paced and provocative book is an alternative history of Britain. It shows how the carefully nurtured image of British fair play and liberalism has in fact concealed the real drama: the raw manipulation of power by and for a small number of people. British capitalism has historically actively undermined and suppressed any real change to the balance of power: this book warns that a future progressive government will face the same intransigence”
- Brian Eno

“An outstanding primer, these issues are more urgent than ever”
- John Pilger

“Fascinating and insightful. A timely and important book”
- Francesca Martinez

“A very valuable, concise, salutary history”
- Mike Wayne

“Home truths, deftly told”
- Danny Dorling

“Chris Nineham is uniquely well placed to tell this story”
- Ken Loach