The Limits of Keynesianism - Dominic Alexander

The Limits of Keynesianism - Dominic Alexander

The economic crisis of 2008, like the Great Depression of the 1930s, has sparked a resurgence of interest in Keynes’ ideas of economic stimulus as an alternative to austerity. But can a Keynesian approach to managing capitalism deliver real gains for working people? Dominic Alexander analyses how far Keynes’ theories can take us and how we must fight for a radical transformation of society.

Praise for The Limits of Keynesianism:

'A comprehensive and sophisticated explanation of the differences between Keynesian and Marxian economics and the policy implications that flow from them. It’s the best contemporary analysis around.'

Michael Roberts, Marxist economist and author of The Long Depression: How it Happened, Why it Happened and What Happens Next

'A timely analysis of Keynes’ ideas against the backdrop of Marx’s critique of capitalism, carefully arguing that financial instability and inequality cannot be dissociated from value and exploitation. Brilliant reading.'

Carolina Alves, Joan Robinson Research Fellow in Heterodox Economics, University of Cambridge